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Student program

Explore the Mind Dynamics Workshop for Academic Peak Performance.

You don’t have to be an Albert Einstein or Sir M. Visweshwaraiah to remember a lot of things. Just learn…”The Simple Secrets behind Great Memory.” Indian Institute of Mind Dynamics, using 3 Dimensional Memory System, helps you unleash the memory power that is hidden in you. A logical system, explained step by step, helps you to learn and remember things methodically and fast.

30Hour Dynamic Training

Who can attend this program?

  • Students Studying 5th standard and above, prominently for 10th and 2ndPU Students
  • Engineering / Medical students
  • Students preparing for competitive exams


  • Enable student to score high Marks in their examinations
  • Enhance Memory and Attention – Improve Concentration and Focus
  • Be it information loaded History 
  • Historical events & year 
  • Formula Based Maths
  • Chemical equations
  • Physics definitions & derivations 
  • Periodical tables 
  • Difficult data 
  • Graph dominated Economics 
  • Engineering terminology 
  • Medical terminology 
  • Biological terms 
  • Improvement in Vocabulary
  • IIMD Training helps to crack any competitive examination such as IAS, KAS, Banking exams, GRE, TOEFL etc…
Professionals and corporate employees

Brain power for better performance

We offer one day intensive training for corporate professionals. Through this program Organizational requirements would be met.

“Creativity increases productivity, productivity leads to profitability”


  • ENHANCE EMPLOYEE’S COMPETENCY AND EFFICIENCY: A person who has fabulous memory he/she is indispensable to any organization. Remembering Technical presentation, Meeting proceedings.
  • MEMORY SKILLS DOMINATE SOCIAL SITUATIONS: Remember and use important personal details such as Names & Faces of employees and Clients, Presentation, Meeting, Certification courses can be easily attempted.
  • CORE BUSINESS DETAILS: organizational structure and its requirements.
  • EFFICIENT TIME MANAGEMENT: Constructive mind can boost your time management.

Corporate traning participants include

Master training program
We conduct special training for those who have passion and aspire to become a trainer in the field of Memory and Mind Dynamics.This training would help them to start their own venture anywhere in India/abroad and we do provide franchise license.


  • Art and Science of remembering Everything
  • Remembering Name and Faces, Help the trainers to build rapport with participants
  • Remembering Step by Step training modules without depending on ppt.
  • Avoid conventional method and implement creative method of teaching

Parents are considered to be an Architect of their children’s future. This helps the parents to give positive guidance to recognize amazing intelligent of the child.

Duration: 60Hours (10Days)

Special Program for housewives

The best teacher for the child is a mother. We invite mothers to undergo this training in order to nurture the learning.

IIMD training helps the trainers to participate in Memory championships or any world records like Limca book of record, Guinness world Record.

Karnataka State, India




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