World Memory Championship
Indian institute of mind dynamics

Indian Institution of mind dynamics has been authorized by world memory sports council for India to select and train participants for national and world memory championship.

World memory championship brings National integrity, peace and promotes potential of human brain to the world.

Nevertheless to say, Last year Dec 2017 IIMD’S trained students had participated in World Memory Championship held at CHINA, Competing 18 countries and bagged 4 th place. This proud moment was appreciated by our hon’ble vice president, Shri Venkaiah Naidu and also our achievement was recognized by sports minister Colonel Rajyavardhan Singh Rathore.

On 14 th October, 2018 National Memory Championship will be held at HYDERABAD and WORLD MEMORY CHAMPIONSHIP will be held at LONDON Dec, 2018.
IIMD invites students/adults to participate in national and world memory championship. Required training will be provided.


IIMD Students Siddharth & Tejashree

World Memory Championship-2017

IIMD Champion Students

Congratulation!!! Tejashree, Raviteja, Siddharth & Skanda for winning Medals and Certificate in National Memory Championship 2017 and “Tejashree” set a Limca book of records in Historical events category.

Indian Institute of Mind Dynamics (IIMD) proudly announces that we have been Authorized by the President, World Memory Sports Council for India to promote Indian Memory Championship, Identify and Train the participants for Indian National Memory Championship to be held at Hyderbad on 15 OCT 2017.

Memory is a skill and it can be learnt. Like any other skill that can be mastered, Memory can be improved at any time in life. A critical component of the brain’s functioning; memory has always assumed significance in ones’ day-to-day life. Unlike physical sport, the mind sport is totally neglected in India. To spread this mind awareness and to contribute significantly to the intellectual empowerment and to showcase India’s brain power to the World, the National Memory Council of India is organising Memory Championships every year. The National Memory Championship is a contest that tests the memory of all participants in various dimensions.

Disciplines of National Memory Championship - 2017

1. Random Words
2. Binary Numbers
3. Names and Faces
4. Random Numbers
5. Random Cards
6. Speed Numbers
7. Abstract Images
8. Historic / Future Dates
9. Spoken Numbers (2 Trials: 100 and 200 Digits)
10. Speed Cards (2 Trials)

There are four age categories for competitors in a Memory Championship:

• Kids – must be 12 years or under in the calendar year of the competition.
• Junior – must be between 13 and 17 years old in the calendar year of the competition.
• Adult – for those between the ages of 18 and 59 in the calendar year of the competition.
• Senior – for those 60 years and over in the calendar year of the competition.

Karnataka State, India




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